Slide Aello Consulting Aello Consulting Expand confidently into the future of ASEAN economy How it Works Enter a nascent market within 4 to 9 months and connect with local business ecosystems

Slide Aello Consulting: HK-Based ASEAN Consultancy

Do these sound familiar?

Only if you had the right time, and you wished you knew the Southeast Asian mindsets. That’s what we are here to help.

Shorten the market-entry cycle to 4 – 9 months Increase profitability and minimize initial investment Own your market data and networks Enter new, high-growth markets with well-informed local insight Strategize and execute your sales & marketing initiatives Achieve quick wins whilst paving for long-term growth

Slide Aello Consulting Services: Market Entry Assessment Understand the Market Market Potential Assessment
Competitor Analysis
Customer Segmentation
Aello Consulting Services: Strategic Marketing Planning Strategic Marketing Planning Annual Calendar
Budget Allocation
Team Resources
Aello Consulting Services: Marketing Execution Marketing Execution Social Media Management
KOL Marketing
Partnership Ideation
PR & Events
AR Innovation
Aello Consulting Services: Regulations Advisory Regulations Advisory License & Permit Application
Tax Guidelines
Aello Consulting Services: Market Entry Consultancy Go-To-Market Strategy Pricing Strategy
Expansion Roadmapping
ROI Projection
Aello Consulting Services: Implementation Implementation Distributor Search
E-commerce Marketplace Management
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We know your pain and we have your back

Emerging market is lack of tranparency eg. market information is fragmented- consumer insights, market trends, channel data etc.

Market complexity

Which country and cities should I begin with and why?


Need continuous execution and building your own resource network

Need a strategic mind

ASEAN plan needs to align with global strategy

Not justify building a team yet

But tax, logistics, customs, license, sales & marketing all takes endless effort

Streamline workflows for business needs

We strategize your online and offline sales channel development and connect you with the right resource networks
  • Growth Road-mapping

  • Market Analytics & Insights

  • Local Brand Ambassador

  • Implementation

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You can deposit funds at Playfina using credit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies.



Get continuous support to your business growth so you can feel confident in your investment.


Regional Growth

We cover multiple Southeast Asian countries


Remote Teams

Local teams to act as your brand ambassador


Real Results

We build sales channels that generate revenue immediately


Always up to date

Stay agile with local support Real Results

Solving challenges that propel businesses forward

We want to work like an extension of your team – a plug-in partner to connect you with the right business ecosystem in the most effective ways as possible.

Empowering Clients

Not every consulting company executes but we do. You can ultimately bring our expertise in-house to save thousands on operation costs

We show more than just ROI

Our local insights will become part of your playbook and is transferrable to other projects

A transparent road map

We get both online and offline covered, omnichannel thinking is injected since the beginning

Lean efficiency

We have proven experiences from FMCG and affordable luxury sectors that help to quickly achieve business success


Clients Who Trust Us


What people are saying about us and our awesome services


Save Time

“As an online brand, we are constantly looking for opportunities to establish retail presence offline. Aello team offered guidance in highly professional manner. Without their in-depth market research and solid recommendations, we would have no idea where to start and how to proceed. Essentially, Aello saved us a lot of time when planning our retail expansion. We look forward to working with Aello again – they are truly client-focused and professional.”

Alex & Winky

Increase in traffic

“Over the years we struggled with finding the right people to run digital Marketing and social media to grow our revenue. When Aello team came onboard, we realized that the chemistry of Aello’s strategies was a match. We started to get results and saw a sharp increase in traffic within a few weeks. We were so satisfied with the results and professionalism that we introduced Aello team to our business partners.”

Jonathan Foo
Founder Spicey Road by Foo Foods

Excellent Service

“New market entry is no easy task. The Aello team has not just brought in local market intelligence but most importantly a performance-focused, engaging, flexible and conscientious marketing execution plan to help us expand our presence in the South East Asia region with demonstrated professionalism and ease. It has also been great fun to work with the high energy team too. Keep up with your good work!”

Polly Chan
Managing Director Center For Leadership Studies (Asia) Pte Ltd

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Slide 港商看好印尼市場 嘆支援不足 關稅等成本相對高 盼兩地自貿協定擴範疇 【明報專訊】特首李家超東南亞訪問行程踏入第三日,昨轉到印尼首都雅加達(見另稿)。印尼是東盟人口最多的成員國,多名印尼港商表示,當地市場龐大、經濟增長快,惟不約而同指出挑戰不小,包括外商缺乏支援、商業稅率較高,經營成本甚至高於其他東盟大國。 【東盟三國行】有印尼港商籲經商前先取「清真認證」 將涵蓋化妝品等 香港跟印尼政府都想加強商貿聯繫。不過有當地港商提醒到印尼經商,最好取得「清真認證」。當地政府首階段就要求,最遲明年十月中所有的食品及飲品都要取得認證,之後連化妝品都要。 【疫市營商】香港中小企生意難做?顧問公司:印尼市場潛力大但起碼1年才有回報 April 續稱:「印尼總統維多多在政策上作出多項改革吸引外資。例如容許提高部分行業外資佔股比例,又大減低利得又將批文、申請牌照等程式簡化,令更持觀望態度的企業都進取地投入市場。」 In The Media