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The world is in the midst of transition where consumer demands are heavily driven by young, digital population and the growth of e-commerce ecosystem. We aspire to be in this center of this shift by being the platform that powers the emerging economy – ASEAN. With headquarter in Hong Kong and a multi-national team based in various Southeast Asian countries, Aello provides end-to-end services, starting from strategic recommendations to implementation.
Why should I consider expanding my business to ASEAN?
Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and ranked 34th in terms of competitiveness that is higher than Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar in the region. Average GDP growth is 5%; estimated there will be 135million middle class by 2020. Millennial (currently aged 18-37) making up 1/3 of the 273million population and this is the digital-native groups that are sensitive to trends and the key consumers of e-commerce. As the country is developing quickly, consumer goods of high quality, tasteful design and interesting brand stories can definitely drive sales from this segment.
What categories or products are popular or might sell well in ASEAN?
Based on actual statistics from both e-commerce and retail purchases, the high-growth categories are beauty, consumer electronics, education and baby & children related products. Talk to us if you have interesting products of these categories!
I am not entirely certain with entering the ASEAN market and need some initial advices before investing vast amount of money and human capital, how can Aello help me then?
We can help you to run in-depth marketing analysis and feasibility study ie. find out your potential market size, consumer segmentations, how to reach out to them effectively, your potential competition and most importantly, the ROI for entering this market before you making the grand decision.
I have actually got the market-entry plan and sales channel developed, how can Aello help me grow further?
We can help you to formulate your marketing plan, both offline and online, and identity the right local partner to execute these for you so you won’t need to invest to build a team locally. We can also line up partner resources for you for example contractors, auditors, recruiters, web developer, KOL etc. Our teams will carefully assess them and ensure they are truly competent in delivering results.
You say you focus on retail and FMCG brands but my business does something else, can you still help us?
Never say never, we can always discuss opportunities and see how our market know-how and business partners might help, just Contact us.
Can I use the government BUD fund to pay for Aello’s services?
Yes! Our service scopes fall under the “Branding” and “Promoting Domestic Sales” categories of the fund, which means 50% of your project fees with us will be covered! To add value to our clients, we partner with a professional Fund Agent that will guide through the application process, do’s and don’ts and how to plan your project according to the fund application timeline to help your business maintain a healthy cash flow. *Only SMEs registered in Hong Kong are eligible for such fund application
I am concerned with the complicated logistics, import tax, certification, license and patent part, can you help us with these?
We work with partners who are specialists in all these areas and will identify the right one for your business to ensure your products or services are launched in the market seamlessly. We totally understand that these works are nerve-wracking and super time consuming for companies that are new to the market especially when you don’t speak the language.
How long does it take from start to launching my product or services in ASEAN?
This is really case-by-case. Generally speaking you will need not less than 4 months to start from scratch and will take longer if re-branding or new product development is involved. Going on e-commerce might take shorter time if your branding, packaging and marketing assets are already built, then we can focus on the launch right away.

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