Jakarta, 7 September 2023 – Indonesia is abuzz with anticipation as it prepares to welcome Tesla CEO Elon Musk in October. However, Musk’s visit is not primarily linked to his company’s plans for investing in electric vehicle (EV) development in Indonesia. Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Panjaitan, clarified that Elon Musk and Tesla are currently not seeking to invest in any country, including Indonesia.

Nonetheless, Minister Luhut stressed that Indonesia remains a top priority for Musk’s investment endeavors. He reiterated that Tesla’s investment interests extend beyond Indonesia, indicating that the company is not exclusively targeting Malaysia for car sales, as some have speculated.

Luhut disclosed that Musk’s upcoming visit to Indonesia is primarily to discuss the Starlink satellite internet project. “We will see how things progress, and we hope that Elon Musk will come to Indonesia in October,” he stated.

The Indonesian minister had recently met with Elon Musk in San Francisco, United States. During the meeting, Tesla expressed its interest in establishing agreements related to investment. While the exact investment amount from Tesla has not been disclosed, Luhut hinted that it would be substantial.

Indonesia has long courted Tesla as part of its efforts to promote EV development within the country. President Joko Widodo had two direct conversations with Elon Musk at SpaceX facilities in Texas in 2022. In these discussions, President Widodo even offered nickel concessions to Tesla as an incentive for the company to invest in Indonesia.

Minister Luhut concluded by affirming that Tesla’s commitment to Indonesia remains steadfast, dispelling any doubts about the company’s intentions. Elon Musk’s visit, with a focus on the Starlink project, signifies the growing collaboration between Tesla and Indonesia, potentially opening new horizons beyond electric cars.