HÀ NỘI – In a significant development for Vietnam’s Halal industry, the Vietnam Certification Centre (QUACERT) has announced the establishment of the Vietnam Halal Certification Authority (HALCERT).

This milestone, as per Decision No 689/QĐ-TĐC of March 29, 2024, marks a crucial step in Vietnam’s strategic advancement of its Halal sector. Aligned with the Prime Minister’s endorsed project to bolster international collaboration for Vietnam’s Halal industry until 2030, HALCERT, operating under QUACERT, will oversee certification activities and foster dialogue, training, and global partnerships within the Halal domain.

Trần Quốc Dũng, Director of QUACERT, underscored the meticulous research and consultation process undertaken in HALCERT’s establishment since 2017. Notably, QUACERT spearheaded the development of standards for Halal certification bodies in 2022-23, culminating in the publication of TCVN 13888:2023 by the Ministry of Science and Technology. This pivotal achievement laid the groundwork for HALCERT, reflecting Vietnam’s commitment to tailored solutions tailored to its unique context.

Dato Tan Yang Thai, Malaysian Ambassador to Vietnam, lauded the timing of HALCERT’s inception, coinciding with Vietnam’s ambitions to tap into the Halal market. He envisioned abundant opportunities for Vietnam to export Halal-certified products and tap into the lucrative Muslim market, projected to reach a value of US$5 trillion by 2030 with over 1.9 billion Muslim consumers worldwide.

According to the ambassador, Vietnamese Halal products stand to gain enhanced credibility and trust in the global market, as Halal certification by a national competent authority signals a commitment to quality and safety, bolstering consumer confidence.

As Vietnam takes strides to position itself as a key player in the Halal industry, HALCERT’s establishment signals a promising trajectory for the country’s Halal sector, offering new avenues for growth and global market penetration.