Bangkok – SCB 10X, the disruptive technology investment arm of SCB X Group, has announced its pivotal role in the US$7.5 million seed funding round for Guardrails AI, a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence (AI) assurance company.

Led by Zetta Venture Partners, the funding round saw participation from SCB 10X, Bloomberg Beta, Pear VC, GitHub Fund, and notable AI angels Lip-Bu Tan, Ian Goodfellow, and Logan Kilpatrick. This injection of funds is poised to bolster Guardrails AI’s engineering and product teams, propelling the advancement of its products and solidifying its position as the premier platform for enterprises and developers seeking to construct safer and more reliable AI applications.

Guardrails AI offers a suite of tools designed to measure, monitor, and mitigate AI risks, addressing critical concerns surrounding the reliability of large language models (LLMs). The company’s innovative approach introduces a governance layer to validate and rectify AI application outputs, thereby mitigating the risks of unintended consequences.

Mukaya Panich, CEO and Chief Venture and Investment Officer of SCB 10X, emphasized the transformative potential of AI in driving enterprise value. He highlighted the importance of understanding the inherent limitations and risks associated with generative AI, particularly the tendencies for LLMs to produce erroneous outputs. Guardrails AI, according to Panich, represents a game-changer in this landscape, providing essential validation tools that unlock a critical roadblock for AI adoption. By enabling companies to customize and enforce safety and compliance standards in their AI workflows, Guardrails AI emerges as the blueprint for safe and ethical AI innovation.

Central to Guardrails AI’s ecosystem is Guardrails Hub, an open-source platform empowering developers to build, share, and reuse output validation techniques, or “validators.” With a growing collection of over 50 pre-built validators sourced from the developer community, including contributions from SCB 10X’s R&D team, Guardrails Hub facilitates collaborative innovation in AI assurance. SCB 10X’s contribution to Guardrails Hub underscores its commitment to fostering trustworthy and safe AI innovation, reinforcing its conviction in the transformative potential of AI technology.

As SCB 10X continues to champion innovation and disruption in the AI landscape, its partnership with Guardrails AI exemplifies its dedication to advancing the frontiers of AI assurance, ensuring a future where AI-driven enterprises operate with integrity and reliability.