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Facing a drastic change

A Bali-based lifestyle retailer and F&B operator won a contract of operating 7 outlets within a destination park, and found itself facing seemingly big challenges: concession fee was high thus sales and profit margin had to grow significantly. The pressure mounted as the customer profiles of the park drastically changed in the past 2 years and existing merchandises were a little dated to attract these changing customers.  At the same time, the retailer committed to building a new lifestyle store and café from scratch in order to bring new excitement and shopping momentum to the destination park.

The retailer’s owner was looking for consultants with business turnaround  experience and deep understanding in lifestyle retail, Indonesian and Chinese consumer behavior, most importantly, entrepreneurial mindsets that know how to cope with local limitations. 

Transforming 360-degree

We provided a team of consultants who understand the specific customer profiles of the park, and a visual merchandising expert who can provide on-going support to the business before and after store refurbishment and opening.

Our first measure was to review the current sales, costs and profit margin then proposed to remove the non-performing items. We sent a consultant to re-organize the store layouts, created effective and visually engaging displays that could immediately attract higher foot traffic and drive sales.

Next we worked alongside the Client team for more than 4 months to review the current merchandise assortment and pricing, develop new products based on the new customer profiles, revamp the current visual merchandising, lead the refurbishment of a slow-performing store to give it a fresh look. We were part of new lifestyle store and café from day 1 to design the store layout, develop new products, sourcing manufacturing vendors and manage the visual merchandising for the store opening.

Yielding commercial wins

As a result of these changes and new business concept, the retailer was able to yield quick commercial wins, launched the new lifestyle store and café on a solid ground and established a clear company positioning in the market.

The stakeholder management and communication with local teams were intense, the consultants seamlessly collaborated with not only the owner but also the operation staff and vendors, which contributed to injecting a new understanding of management direction to the operation local team.

Client also achieved its targeted profitability levels by seizing revenue opportunities and driving higher foot traffic.

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RUNWAY, Vietnam

Preparing for business scale-up

Our client, a Vietnam-based luxury retailer, was planning to build a multi-category department store in HCMC, which is a scale-up from the current boutique and brand distribution business.

The existing marketing plan was done in a lean approach as most of the company’s revenues came from fashion and accessories; but the marketing thinking and activations for multi-category would be very different and the company did not have the right resources for that.

The client was therefore looking for external help to lead a full-blown marketing plan for the new department store and the existing boutiques, also to train the local team and build local resource network for long-term growth.

Achieving marketing excellence

We provided a seasoned professional with extensive in-house marketing experience, including marketing planning, CRM, brand collaborations and team management, to work with the client team in HCMC.

The first step was to put together an annual marketing calendar corresponding to the business growth merchandising plans improve inter-departmental alignment. This included setting out clearly defined objectives and KPI, activities and process ownership, and developing a simple, actionable plan to roll out at the store level.

Next, our consultant worked to improve team performance. This included fine-tuning roles and responsibilities of the current marketing team members, introducing a reporting system, identifying additional roles to be filled, interviewing local talents who are good fits based on the new business needs, and lining up local service providers including branding agencies, event organizer, caterers based on the new customer segments and marketing activities.

Optimizing current resources

We also worked closely with the Merchandising department by formulating collaboration plans to give confidence to new brands in setting their feet in Vietnam with our client, and providing substantial support to drive revenue and acquire customers. These included collaborating VIP events to leverage the current database and cross-sell between categories.

Our client successfully identified tactical marketing opportunities and built a portfolio of attractive brands for long-term success.


Connecting B2B with B2C

A Vietnamese company had been running coffee wholesale business for decades and established a stable corporate clientele. The owners reckoned the opportunities to diversify revenue streams by entering the consumer market and going global.

The owners were therefore looking for a partner that could help to develop a consumer brand from scratch and work all the way to develop sales channels and managing marketing initiatives in the long term so that the owners could focus on what they were best at – product quality, operation and cost control.

Championing from zero to one

We started with understanding the basics of coffee, visited coffee farms and plants and take a deep dive into the blue ocean in global consumer coffee market. With our expertise in lifestyle retail and brand creation, we then came up with the product concepts, flavours, number of SKUs, price points, brand positioning corresponding to the new segments that the business could potentially champion in.

Next, we also became the distributor of the coffee business and develop the right sales channels both online and offline. We negotiated with retailers on selling opportunities, physical prescense and profit margins on behalf of the owners. Eventually the products were sold in lifestyle stores and online platforms in Hong Kong and Singapore in addition to the home base, Vietnam.

Building a millennial-appealing brand

We put together a team of young artists from Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Netherlands to design the logo, come up with a unique set of packaging designs, taking products and marketing photo shots. Directions and content for the digital and social media marketing is specifically curated for the younger generations, with a mission to promote the contemporary and urban facet of Vietnam.

The brand is a modern language of Vietnamese culture that is friendly to any global market. We were deeply involved in the brand creation and it’s a great example of our end-to-end capabilities.


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